Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sing For The Summer

I thought today would be an appropriate day to post such title.

Finally, after 4 long weeks, Drew Hartley and I have finished post production on the new Raw Potatoes. There have been quite a few (positive) hic-ups along the way, but nothing that didn't add to our character and understanding of this musical journey, and life as it were. Small aside *small aside aside - I took that phrase from a Dave Barnes post, credits where they should be*, I have never heard of positive hic-ups but I am pleased to announce they do indeed exist.

We shot the video outside. Sounds awesome, and 'twas, but it was also 43 degrees (not to be confused with the popular 90s boy band 98 degrees, which would have been fantastic in more than one way).

An hour and a half of bone chilling breezes will give you an appreciation for the heat accompanied with summer afternoons like nothing else.

We survived.

All of that to say, I'm so incredibly blessed to be able to do music, and I will do videos in 43 degree weather no problem if that means I can someday make a living from this. I have been mentioning coffee shops, songwriting, and this EP we are chasing that will be released early summer, and I don't think I have been this excited since I got my first Easton Synergy hockey stick when they first came out all those years ago.

I am excited because I finally have something to play for. I have something to put my full heart and motivation into, and I get to do it with 3 friends that you couldn't buy. So, the songs that come out of us, I know will be real. Nothing less.

I thought I would share some lyrics that I've been scratching out. I hope this allows you guys to come along with me, and us on this adventure. God bless.

From Drew Hartley's Amazing Grace video


This California sunrise
Looks beautiful today
We could make our way there
It's not too late

This California dayside
Could color my blood
This watercolor heart inside
Sings all night

Sing for the summer
For the lover I found in you

This California moon won't shine
Without a song
We could howl to the morning light
All night

Sing for the summer
For the lover I found in you
Sing for this moment
For the romance I found in you

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